Knowledge and experience from medicine to top-class sport

Cand. med. B. Sc. Lea Feder

Lea founded the leading brand for healthy performance enhancement in endurance sports and everyday life WAY TO WIN in 2017 and played a key role in building it up.

From 6 years with over 2000 clients at WAY TO WIN, her medical degree and her growing network of leading experts in various fields, her expertise became increasingly interesting for companies:
Together with her team of almost 20 people behind WAY TO WIN and in collaboration with external experts, Lea has developed the WAY TO WIN method, which she now uses to help everything from individual self-employed people to entire teams at well-known companies to achieve healthy performance.

As an aspiring doctor, both the scientific basis and quality standards are important to her.

As a qualified bioinformatician, she uses valid data to make individual recommendations.
Through her many years in competitive sport, first in handball and later in cycling, recovery management using the latest health technology, stress management, mental training, targeted nutrition and exercise management have been a matter of course for Lea for years.

Maximilian Kirmeier

As a former professional athlete, stress management, performance optimization, targeted nutrition and training data analysis have been an integral part of his everyday life for many years. He has been applying this knowledge himself for several years in his ambitious everyday work at WAY TO WIN and shows our clients first-hand how it works.

Mira Kunzmann

As a nutritionist, Mira analyzes nutrition records and blood sugar data, provides individual feedback and leads video sessions on nutrition.

Dr. med. Lutz Graumann

Dr. Graumann is a passionate sports physician. His hobby of sport helped him to find his calling. In addition to sports medicine, he also has additional qualifications in nutritional medicine and chirotherapy/manual medicine. Through a variety of research programs in the USA, Canada and Germany, he has been recognized as an authority in the field of Performance Medicine + Functional Training for more than 10 years.
He publishes regularly in national and international specialist journals.

Marc Uhlmann

One of my special skills is to see your INDIVIDUALITY very quickly and to work out solutions.

Each of us is different, which is why I don’t like generalizations, because they condition us , create false beliefs and we adapt to social norms without questioning them.

I love the process of learning, change, new projects and, above all, challenges . And the best thing is that I’m not afraid to swim against the tide and try out things that seem crazy at first glance.

M. Sc. Fabian Blachny

The qualified sports scientist has over 10 years of experience in personal training with a focus on functional training. He accompanies our participants with online video instructions as well as with individual mobility and strengthening programs.

Claudia Berchtold

Our location

Our head office is in the south of Munich, in Taufkirchen. However, we have digitized our processes so that we can handle the entire coaching process online. A personal meeting and on-site performance diagnostics are possible, but not necessary. This enables us to offer our coaching worldwide in German and English.

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