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How to sustainably increase your productivity in 90 days, halve your working day and replace the feeling of constant stress with satisfaction and success

Do you finally want to work productively to successfully drive your business forward and achieve your sales targets? Are you highly motivated and ready to achieve great things? Unfortunately, you are overwhelmed by a multitude of projects, tasks and to-do’s, so your working day never seems to end. Instead of sitting at your desk with full energy and concentration, you feel tired and unfocused. Do the following scenarios sound familiar?

6 months of online coaching with accompanying individual measurements.

Constant stress

Do you feel the same way?

Work non-stop

You try to work even harder to keep up with your tasks. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and there are hardly any breaks.

Exhaustion and tiredness

You work hard but sleep little, which leads to persistent exhaustion. This makes it difficult for you to concentrate on your tasks and you are annoyed that you are not making enough progress.

Inner restlessness and stress

You find it difficult to switch off and are constantly plagued by nervousness and irritability. Even small things make your heart race and you break out in a sweat.

Lack of exercise

You neglect exercise and sport because you devote all your time to work. The effects are noticeable in the form of heavy legs, tension and extra kilos.

Thinking blocks

You’re desperately sitting at your desk, constantly battling with mental blocks, which wastes precious time. Instead of effectively driving your business forward, you suddenly lack the energy to carry out even simple tasks.

Chronic dissatisfaction

Although you work hard, you feel chronically dissatisfied and don’t achieve your goals as quickly as you would like. This feeling of dissatisfaction also manifests itself physically, with dark circles under your eyes and a pale complexion, which your surroundings are already talking about.

Tired during the day and sleepless at night.

745,000 deaths per year due to constant stress

An extra hour here, a weekend shift there: according to the United Nations, excessive working hours cause hundreds of thousands of deaths every year – mainly from heart attacks and strokes.

Healthy performance

Imagine what it would be like if you...

Increased productivity

… achieve significantly more results for the same amount of time by working with energy and focus.

Less risk of illness

… increase your turnover and experience every working day with fulfillment and satisfaction.

Increased resilience

… are mentally and physically relaxed and respond to challenges with a cool head.

Sleep more efficiently

… need less sleep and still be full of vitality by making optimum use of the sleep phases.

Physical well-being

… free you from tension and physical discomfort.

Longer concentration

… can work with extreme concentration over a longer period of time in order to complete important tasks quickly and efficiently.

More successful in business

… achieve your business goals faster without neglecting your health.

Higher quality of life

… you feel comfortable in your own skin again and can develop your full potential.

WAY TO WIN coaching in figures.

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Results-oriented and efficient

Maximum results with minimum time investment.

We use the latest measurement technology to analyze your everyday life. This enables us to make targeted recommendations for new routines that lead to measurable results in a minimum of time.


We don’t waste your time with aimless sports programs.

Adapted to everyday life and stress levels, including individual nutritional information for in-between meals.


It is scientifically proven that 93% of all diets fail and the test subjects usually weigh even more afterwards than before.

We support you in establishing successful routines because you receive confirmation of their effectiveness through continuous blood glucose measurements and the background to our recommendations is explained in an understandable way.

Stress Management

You will feel more relaxed for a short time. But you won’t get your basic stress problem under control.

If your body can’t recover at night, even relaxation exercises won’t help. We work with you at a basic level and show you stress management that really works.

Satisfied customers

Customer testimonials

Miriam Ochs

Lack of energy and physical dissatisfaction as a self-employed online marketer.

Get through the day more efficiently, regain energy for sport and regain your desired weight.


The blood glucose measurement in particular optimized her diet and sleep, so that Miriam wakes up refreshed in the morning, is more focused at work and has regained her desired weight.

Thomas Pelzl

Increased physical wear and tear in the ambitious daily work routine as a self-employed sales trainer.

Get back to a healthy level of performance through better sleep, good nutrition and targeted exercise in everyday life.


Concrete solution strategies that can be integrated into everyday life for more serenity, inner strength and a healthier body.


That's how we get into conversation.

This is how we find out whether we fit together and what our collaboration could look like:

You book an appointment online for a free initial consultation.

100 % non-binding
One of our employees will talk to you about your request in an online video call and find the right contact person for you.
Limited number of participants per month

A strategy consultant will advise you individually on your situation for 60 minutes and work with you to develop a solution to your problem.

Personal for you

Our team of experts will take the time to support you with the technical setup and discuss your goals and next steps with you personally. How to get off to a stress-free start.
Analysis phase
We will discuss together which analyses make sense for you. This always includes a nutritional analysis and two fortnightly blood sugar measurements. Optionally, we can also include performance diagnostics, stress analysis or cooperation with doctors.
Implementation phase
You have the opportunity to meet us digitally live in Q&A sessions almost every day and discuss your questions on various topics with our team of experts. We are also available to answer your questions in the online chat on weekdays. In our online member area, you will be guided step by step through the various modules. You set the pace.
The collaboration is digital.

6 months of coaching for healthy performance.

The WAY TO WIN method combines scientific depth with experience from competitive sport and the cooperation with over 2000 people at WAY TO WIN. Together with her team of experts, Lea Feder is passing on her expertise and methodology from the fields of medicine, competitive sport and bioinformatics.

  • Onboarding workshop
    Several live coaching sessions per week with the WAY TO WIN team
  • Weekly live coaching with Lea Feder
  • Daily chat support from the WAY TO WIN team
  • Accompanying online member area including videos, tasks and feedback
    > 100 functional exercises
    > 100 dishes including individual recommendation
  • Individual measurements of nutrition, stress and sleep


Frequently asked questions.

We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you. If you have any further questions, we would be delighted to receive an appointment request so that we can explain everything to you at your leisure.

Alternatively, you can also write to us at

At the beginning of the collaboration, we conduct an onboarding meeting with each participant in which we address individual challenges. Everyone then receives individual, targeted recommendations based on the onboarding interview and the measurements taken during the process.

We are keen to keep the time required to implement the program as short as possible. On average, participants invest around 60 minutes per week. To compensate for this, however, we are establishing new routines and greater efficiency, which will result in massive time savings in the medium and long term.

Implementation takes place in everyday life. Short chat communication, PDF evaluations, own continuous measurements and questionnaires offer minimum time investment with maximum results. Accompanying content is summarized in short 5-10 minute videos, 1-2 of which should be consumed per week.

Yes, all of our coaching can be implemented digitally. We send the measuring devices, including an instruction video, so that no on-site appointment is necessary. Support during implementation is also provided via a digital learning platform.
We are happy to offer additional personal kick-off appointments on site by arrangement.

"I felt really well-rested again after a long time.

It's a feeling that I no longer knew."

Miriam Ochs - Self-employed in online marketing

"I felt really well-rested again after a long time.

It's a feeling that I no longer knew."

Miriam Ochs - Self-employed in online marketing